How to have a low waste Christmas

Did you know that wrapping paper is often not able to be recycled?

This time of year produces so much waste, approximately 910,000,000 metres of wrapping paper that will go to landfill, that is roughly enough to around the world 22 times. One way to help combat this is thinking about how you package the gifts you are giving.

If you read a news/paper consider saving it and using it as a wrapping paper.

Who Gives a Crap? Is a great toilet paper subscription service and each roll comes conveniently wrapped! I save all my paper and use it to wrap gifts! There are some really lovely patterns and designs.

Use material, you can get lovely scarfs in Charity shops and use these to wrap your gifts.

Brown paper is also a great alternative to the shiny non-recyclable paper that is often used this time of year.

Things to remember when wrapping this festive season:

Reduce: Reduce the amount of paper used or consider a gift that does not need wrapping such as e-voucher or experiences.

Reuse: By reusing newspaper/who gives a crap you are lowering the impact as you are not using a new product.

Refuse: Lots of places offer gift wrapping services this time of year, although it is lovely to not have to wrap a gift they often use lots of non recyclable materials, cellophane and loads of extras that will all end up in land fill.

Recycle: When recycling remember to remove all of the sticky tape if you are not using plastic free tape (Zero Green stock a fab one)

Rot: Newspaper/Who Gives a Crap/Brown paper can all be used to line your compost bin if you compost at home. It can also be used to help start a fire if you have a log burner.

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