Fakeaway Friday: Vegan Pizza

Gone are the days of taking a (sealed) cheese to Pizza Express so that I could enjoy a pizza out! Now there are so many great options!

Getting a takeaway is great especialy now that Pizza Hut and Pappa Johns now have a range of pizzas to choose from. Although the cost can quickly add up. A regular Pizza can cost upto £18!

Here are some great pre made options that range from as little as £2-4

1. Sainsbury's Butternut Squash Pizza £3.50

2. Chicago Town Jackfruit Pizza £3.50

3. Goodfella's Falaffle Pizza £2.50

4. White Rabbit Smokin' Vegan £4.00

5. Gro (Co-op)) Kashmiri Pizza £3.50

6. Iceland's Cheese less Pizza £2.00

7. M&S Jackfriut Pizza from £3.50

8. Wicked Kitchen BBQ Mushroom Pizza £3.00

9. Iceland Hummus Pizza £2.00

Feeling creative and want to make your own?

Bases can be bought at most supermarkets. Just remember to check the label for milk! If you want to be a bit fancy Just-rol offers a sourdough style base.

Next is the sauce, If I am feeling extra lazy I just thin down some tomato puree with some water and add in some mixed herbs. You can also use a pasta sauce or passta.

I love to load up my pizzas with loads of veg! Is perfect for all the odds and ends of veg that end up in the fridge by the end of the week.

Cheese! Now you can go cheeseless if you like, sometimes I just like to add nooch to the top once it has finished cooking. Here are some Melty vegan cheeses!

If you really want to be fancy then this is a great recipe from The School Night Vegan.

I hope you enjoy!

See you next Friday for another Fakeaway!

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